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Working with Maureen was incredible. We thought that we were going to have to surrender Zeus because he was out of control. His jumping and mouthing on our family and guests was painful because he is so big and strong and his excitement was provoking fights with our other dog. We couldn’t even walk him on a leash to get his energy out of his system. The minute Maureen arrived at our house we began to feel better because she brought a calm over the room and related to Zeus like no other trainer we had tried before her. She showed us a whole new way to think about how we communicate with both of our dogs, especially Zeus, and how to set up the kind of structure and rules that make us the leaders, instead of the dogs. I was really simple stuff, or at least Maureen made it simple. When we learned how to lead the dogs, we were able to change Zeus’ behavior by focusing on how to help him become calmer and more relaxed. We had to commit to making changes, but it was worth it. Now we have a happy pack, thanks to Maureen.

- Terrance & Sherry, Louisville, KY


I would recommend Maureen to anyone who needs help with a dog. She is tremendous. My min pin, Cleo, would not let anybody touch me or come into my apartment without constant barking and lunging. If I let her get close enough, she would bite even if she knew the person. I had to close her in my bedroom when I had people over to my home. My boyfriend and I were planning to move in together, but he was afraid of Cleo and she hated him. Maureen changed everything for us. She showed me how I was encouraging Cleo’s bad behavior and she explained she wasn’t aggressive, but that she was insecure and dominant. She showed me how to help Cleo overcome her insecurity and how to become the leader of the house and the leader of Cleo. It made so much sense when Maureen showed me. Cleo is now the almost perfect hostess and she and my boyfriend are finally friends.

- Haley, Jeffersonville, IN


I rescued a dog that I found running loose in the office park where I work. Nobody claimed him and I fell in love with him. He was so traumatized and afraid of everything. He pancaked when I tried to take him on a leash. He would stay in one room of my house and only go out in the yard and back into the room. He bonded with me but avoided other people. It broke my heart. Someone told me about Maureen and her dog rescue who helped traumatized dogs, especially pitbulls. Best call I ever made. Maureen came over with her personal dog and the two of them somehow showed Rudy that he was safe to walk with Maureen’s dog tied to him. Once he started walking, it seemed like everything else started to happen. Maureen convinced me that feeling sorry for Rudy was hurting more than helping and she showed me how to lead him with calm energy and to help him start to move out of his comfort zone in baby steps and under his own power. It was unbelievable. I learned to see things through Rudy’s eyes instead of human eyes. That was a few years ago and Rudy is not the same dog today. He loves other dogs and he has a sister now who helps him explore the world. He is the king of the whole house and he gets better all the time with meeting new people. I can see how happy he is now and his anxiety only pops up once in a while, but it passes. We owe Maureen huge thanks.

- Richard, Louisville, KY

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