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All Services Are Home Based

How Services Work

All Services are provided in the home and other environments that are a part of the dog’s life normally. We do not train or rehabilitate at a facility, though we may take dogs to confidence courses and other locations that will help to expand socialization, confidence, or other areas to promote balance in the dog.

Every case is evaluated on an individual basis to determine the services best suited for client’s goals and the needs of the dog. Every dog and its family are unique and the behavior plan will be suited individually for each client.

The behaviorist will visit the home to meet the dog and all humans and animals in the home and to discuss the client’s goals for the dog and for the home.

Every initial assessment and evaluation will be followed by a written assessment with recommended game plan to the client and will be explained and discussed by the behaviorist.

In most cases, the owner’s presence will be requested for most or all sessions. However, it is possible that for some cases the behaviorist will work alone with the dog and will be able to schedule sessions while the owner is at work or otherwise busy. The owner will have the option to provide the behaviorist with access to the home and the dog at whatever level the client is comfortable.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is best suited to clients who want to improve their behavior using the structure of specific commands and behaviors, such as sit, down, wait, place, heeling on leash, recall commands and so on. In these cases, the dog learns the meaning of commands, the desired behavior and the expectations of the owner. The owner, in turn, learns how to deliver a command and follow through to enforce the expectations communicated through the commands.

Basic Manners, Rules & Boundaries

Many owners are looking for ways to simply improve their dog’s basic manners in the home, on leash or out in public. Some folks prefer a less formal approach than obedience training. Maureen specializes in helping owners develop the leadership and communication skills that will allow them to create rules and boundaries for the dog in a way that the dog understands. This is an organic approach that helps humans recognize the importance of their energy, intention and follow through. With the rules & boundaries approach, your dog will learn how to give you space when you want space, how to greet humans politely, when to play and when to stop play, proper leash behavior, and much more – all with simple direction from the humans that does not require formal commands and specific behavior performance from the dog.

Signs of Hostility

Many dogs display behavior that is often labeled “aggressive”. These behaviors may take the form of leash reactivity (aggressive behavior when on leash); barrier reactivity (fence fighting, reactivity); resource guarding (food aggression, toys, etc.); “stranger danger” aggression; dog-on-dog aggression and more. The first step in these cases is to assess the behavior and determine whether it is a matter of aggression, anxiety, fear, reactivity or some other root cause. Understanding the root of the behavior is imperative in order to address the behavior effectively.

Do It Yourself Assessment/Game Plan

For the dog owner who feels confident in her/his handling skills but wants help with strategy, or a fresh insight to better enable them to address their dog’s issues on their own, Maureen is happy to pay a visit to assess the dog’s behavior and help develop a plan for the owner.

Regardless of the specific challenge that you are facing with your dog(s), this assessment will help you identify your concerns and your goals related to your dog’s behavior. Maureen will take as much time as you need to talk through the issues related to your dog(s) and to spend time with your dog to get an accurate measure of the dog. Maureen will provide you with a written assessment and make recommendations for strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Client Follow Up

For all clients, Maureen will be available at no charge by phone to call or text with questions and to get additional tutoring in between appointments or after the services have concluded.