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Nasty and Maureen

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Maureen and Cesar

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Maureen Keenan has studied dog psychology for nearly 15 years. After co-founding the dog rescue, Saving Sunny, Inc., in 2009. Maureen began practicing as a behaviorist when she created Saving Sunny’s behavior support program. In her role with Saving Sunny, Maureen has consulted, counseled and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs of all types of breeds and with issues ranging from anxiety to perceived aggression and much more. Not only has Maureen provided rehabilitation services to dog owners, but she has also donated her services to local shelters for behavior assessment and intervention to assist shelters in keeping dogs mentally healthy and more adoptable.

Maureen has trained on three occasions with Cesar Millan and his team of master trainers at the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA. She continues to participate as a member of a Training Cesar’s Way network which offers tremendous expert support and information sharing. Maureen is committed to lifetime learning and the idea that every dog is a teacher with something new to expand her understanding of dogs.

Our Philosophy

Downward Dog Canine Transformation
Training, behavior, and the innate driving force within us all

“A healthy woman is much like a wolf: robust, chock-full, strong life force, life-giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving,” says Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women Who Run With the Wolves, and while Estes is speaking of the human woman, the same notion applies for the modern cousin of the wolf – the dog. For the dog, a complete separation from its wildish nature, and when their lives are filled with ennui, can lead to the fracture of his or her personality creating an imbalance that leads to a myriad of problems; many of them the most common canine misbehaviors plaguing dog owners’ homes across the country. So, how do we, as pet owners, find the archetype of our beloved dogs’ wildness in the twenty first century, when dogs are seen as family members, and, often treated as humans? We learn about what makes our dogs’ happy, well-adjusted members of our pack and work to attain the ultimate goal: balance.

Downward Dog Canine Transformation believes in the methodology that a well-trained dog is not necessarily well-behaved, and that often, it’s the dog owners that need “training” and the dogs that need rehabilitation. When we think of an impeccably trained dog, we think of dazzling tricks, public stunts and commonly, lots of treats. While these skills are spectacular and there are certainly great benefits to “training” a dog to do certain tasks, a well-trained dog can still have serious behavioral issues – because sit, stay, roll over, etc., does not address the intrinsic reason for the canine misbehavior. Downward Dog Canine Transformation will ask dog owners to evaluate their own energy and begin to see a relationship between their personal energy and how it’s affecting their dog. As Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan says, “dogs are like mirrors. They are a reflection of their owners,” and when the human can recognize that their anxiety, confidence, attitude, etc., travels directly through the leash and to their dog, they can begin the journey of adjoining their instinctual natures and achieving true balance.

Beyond training and rehabilitation, the true goal of “canine transformation” is to bring about the powerful, unwavering bond between human and dog. A passionate, timeless relationship, the loyalty between these two species is both magic and medicine, for all parties. Downward Dog Canine Transformation works to remind humans that for all our sophistication, we must treat dogs as dogs, learn from them, and grow with them, together.

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